Our Experience

Miriam and John have many years in small business. Miriam started in print graphic production and went on to own a many faceted small business. She likes to say she started in graphic arts “B.C.” That is “Before Computers.” Although some large computer somewhere did set the type, she worked in the “paste-up” graphics department. Prior to that, while still in college, she did some work using a letterpress. After graduation she worked for a technical graphics firm in Denver, pasting up technical manuals for firms such as IBM, price lists for Gates Rubber, and a monthly magazine,”The School Lunch Journal.”


John served in the U.S. Navy, in Aviation electronics. After leaving the Navy he went into sales and resumed education when the “Cold War Veterans Bill” was passed and made it possible. He worked in electronics again until he graduated in business management. Then he worked in data base design, using main-frame computers.


Miriam moved from Denver to San Diego in 1971 and worked for a college textbook company, and later a large discount retail store. And then she went to the dogs. After working for a veterinarian, she studied to become a dog groomer. She then opened a dog grooming shop and a dog and cat boarding kennel. She ran this business from several locations for about 20 years. She used her previous graphic arts experience to promote her own business and the businesses of several other pet businesses in and around San Diego.


Meanwhile, John had enough of working behind a desk and had discovered his own need to be around animals, so he left the information tech job and became a territory salesman for a pet supply wholesaler. It was inevitable that these two should meet at Miriam's shop. They enjoyed a complementary business relationship with both succeeding in their endeavors.


John's company suffered the loss of the primary owner, and he left to become a Manufacturer's Representative, calling mostly on wholesalers and chain stores. Miriam started Designers Desktop and had a growing clientele list. She gave up the pet industry business, but could not expand rapidly enough. So she got a job with the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper in the production department. She worked there for 14 years while continuing to do jobs for her freelance clients. Miriam was working nights, which was wearing her down. So Miriam and her husband, Shawn, sold out in San Diego and moved to Utah. The move was good for them, but Shawn passed away suddenly in 2007.

John's business as a Manufacturer's Representative suffered when the need became less due to reorganization from wholesalers serving pet stores to manufacturers serving large chain pet stores. So he worked for pet food manufacturers at all levels promoting their wares. Then he moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area where he continued to work in sales, then in logistics. Then he retired. In late 2012 Miriam and John reconnected, and he asked about Designers Desktop. She said she could use a salesperson, so they got together to discuss the business. They got married about six months later.


We believe that our joint efforts serving our clients have added to our clients successes and business endurance. We have enjoyed every second of the challenges for our clients and gain great personal energy from serving them. It makes us very happy to assist in every success for you.


We can't resist adding a video of Miriam's greyhound Darby, taken at a friend's house when she boarded there. Darby is a rescued retired racer who is now a therapy dog.